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Executive Hiring

Who We Are
The Sprott Business Students’ Society (SBSS) represents all undergraduate students at the Sprott School of Business, and is a volunteer organization run entirely by business students, for business students. We fund, organize and run social, professional and academic events to integrate the business community at Carleton University.

Application Process
Step 1: Review Positions 
Step 2: Fill out the Application Form
Step 3: Obtain a minimum of 20 signatures from current Sprott Undergraduate Students
Step 4: Obtain signatures from the current SBSS President and one current SBSS executive
Step 5: Send Signatures to President at

Application Complete! 

*For Executive Applications, an interview will be scheduled upon completion of the application

Presidential Applications Open: January 9th - January 22nd 
Executive Applications Open: January 9th - February 3rd 
Lunch with Execs - Info Session: January 19th 
Presidential Campaign: January 25th - February 1st
Presidential Town Hall: February 2nd 
Annual General Meeting (AGM) + Presidential Voting Day: February 3rd 



VP Student Life

VP Finance

VP Professional Development

VP Corporate Relations

VP Internal

VP Marketing

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