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VP Student Life

About the Role

Application Deadline


Job Description

The Vice President Student Life is responsible for leading multiple teams to ensure that successful athletic, social and charitable events occur throughout the academic year. Primary responsibilities include hiring volunteers, leading teams and ensuring every stage of planning events has been executed properly and in accordance with University policy. The Vice President Student Life is to serve as the driving force in generating student engagement outside of the classroom.

Position Responsibilities

-Responsible for overseeing the initiatives of the three portfolio directors, namely 5 Days for the Homeless, other charity initiatives as they are planned, student appreciation week, the ODR, etc.
-Attend weekly SBSS executive meetings and monthly council meetings
-Responsible for interacting with students in order to determine what kinds of events are being demanded
-Responsible for overseeing event approval, planning, and execution
-Responsible for ensuring commitment of Directors to the SBSS for the entirety of the academic year
-Acting as a role model for all members of the SBSS and empowering them to take ownership of their own student experience
-Responsible for managing all event related issues
-Responsible for mitigating and addressing all portfolio related conflicts

Skills Developed

Team Leadership
Event Planning
Interpersonal Skills

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