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About the Role

Application Deadline


Job Description

The Vice President Internal Relations is responsible for the facilitation of all Director and Committee member hiring for the Sprott Business Students’ Society. The Vice President Internal Relations is responsible for planning all SBSS Council meetings as mandated by the Constitution, scheduling SBSS office hours, and facilitating any and all retreats. The Vice President Internal serves as the primary point of contact for student inquiries, as directed by the website. It is the role of the Vice President Internal Relations to serve as an objective party in all matters of hiring and internal council conflict, as well as to offer support to the President and other Executives in their respective portfolios.

Position Responsibilities

-Responsible for planning all council interviews, meetings, and retreats
-Responsible for handling internal council conflicts, specifically those which may occur within the executive team
-Responsible for coordinating logistics of full council matters
-Must act as the main point of contact for all student inquiries into the SBSS
-Responsible for fostering a friendly, open, and supportive council environment
-Must act as a role model for all members of the SBSS and empowering them to take ownership of their own student experience

Skills Developed

Organizational Skills
Time Management
Interpersonal Skills
Hiring and Human Resources
Conflict Resolution
Team Leadership


Corporate Clubs Director, Operations Director, EDI Director

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