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About the Role

Application Deadline


Job Description

The Vice President Marketing is responsible for the communication of all SBSS initiatives to the Sprott Student body, and for increasing awareness of the SBSS and its events throughout the school year. The Vice President Marketing oversees a portfolio of four directors and contributes leadership for SBSS merchandise, website development, social media, street team direction, and graphic design.

Position Responsibilities

-Responsible for overseeing the Marketing portfolio
-Responsible for managing various SBSS event promotions through a variety of channels, in addition to- Sprott and BCMC related promotions
-Attend weekly SBSS executive meetings and monthly council meetings
-Responsible for the execution of creative marketing tactics
-Management of outgoing communications with Sprott students through a variety of mediums, including social media, emails, and website.
-Responsible for generating excitement and engagement amongst Sprott students for SBSS initiatives
-Responsible for managing the SBSS brand across all means of communication
-Responsible for ensuring commitment of Directors and Managers to the SBSS for the entirety of the academic year
-Acting as a role model for all members of the SBSS and empowering them to take ownership of their own student experience

Skills Developed

Project Management
Time Management
Communication and Coordination
Team Leadership


Merchandise Director, Graphic Design Director, Content Creator Director, Web Development Director, Social Media Director, Public Relations Director, Public Relations Managers

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