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About the Role

Application Deadline


Job Description

The President is responsible for overseeing SBSS operations and budget , while shaping the strategic direction of the Society moving forward. The President is to act as the primary point of contact between the Sprott student body, the Sprott faculty, and the greater Carleton community. They are to act in the best interest of the Society and its members in pursuing partnerships with external entities. The President is also to support the initiatives of the Vice Presidents while ensuring their alignment to the vision of the Society.

Position Responsibilities

-Managing multiple priorities in overseeing the initiatives of the six Vice President portfolio’s
-Planning of SBSS initiatives, and event timeline for the year
-Facilitating weekly SBSS executive meetings and monthly council meetings
-Attending weekly meetings with Sprott Student Success Officer
-Attending Sprott Faculty Board Meetings, CASG Council meetings, and other committees as assigned
-Be the point of communication between Sprott students and faculty
-Speak to large groups of students at various Sprott events (e.g. Sprosh)
-Responsible for managing conflicts between the six Vice President’s
-Responsible for addressing issues of performance etc. with, or in place of, a Vice President facing issues with a Director
-Overseeing the efforts of approximately 50 volunteers
Representing and advocating on behalf of the Sprott undergraduate student body

Skills Developed

Organization Skills and Time Management Skills
Interpersonal Skills and Communication
Conflict Management



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