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What is Five Days? 

5 Days is a national campaign run by the Canadian Association of Business Students that strive to raise awareness of members of society that are at risk of experiencing homelessness. 

What are we doing to support?

Traditionally, 5 Days was conducted in a way that had students volunteers living outside on campus for 5 days to help raise awareness of the issues of homelessness in Canada. Due to ethical concerns, the SBSS has decided to shift gears this year by doing 5 days of charitable initiatives. All proceeds will go to "Operation Come Home".

Support the Initiative

Events are happening each day of the week from March 18th to March 22nd to raise awareness for the campaign and raise donations to support Operation Come Home.

Monday, March 18th:  Bottle Drive

Have any empty bottles/cans just lying around? We will graciously take them off your hands/ Stop by the Clubs Lounge (room 3060 Nicol) to drop off your empties anytime throught the week. Get entered to win an amazing raffle prize. 

Tuesday, March 19th:  Bake Sale 

Craving a sweet treat? Stop by the Tory Junction from 10am-3pm to choose from a delicious variety of baked goods? Free raffle ticket provided with a purchase. 

Wednesday, March 20th: Comedy Night 

Need a laugh? Come join us at 412 Preston Street at 8:15pm for an Absolute Comedy Show that will have you laughing until your stomach hurts. Tickets are $20 each. Email as well. Receive a raffle ticket with your comedy purchase as well. 

Thursday, March 21st: Awareness Day

Want to combat homelessness? Put your influencer skills to use and come to the Clubs Lounge (3060 NI) between 2:30pm-4:30pm, to be part of a video that will help raise awareness about homelessness. Participants will receive 3 raffle tickets. 

Friday, March 22nd:  Pie the Prof

Want to show your prof some love? Pay $5 to pie your favourite profs or SBSS excel in the face! Come to room 360NI at 5pm to watch the whip cream fly. People who pay to pie someone will also receive a raffle ticket. 


Raffle Tickets will also be avalible for purchase in the Clubs Lounge throughout the week. 

If we attain our goal of $3000, the Dean will be shaving SBSS President Will Anderson's head. 

For any additional questions, reach out to

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