South Africa 2018: An Emerging Markets Project

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About the Trip


Brought to you by the Emerging Markets Project, we take you on a two-week tour to South Africa; an emerging market and newest BRICS nation.

While there, we take you inside local and international organizations to see what it’s like to work and live in South Africa. You take a basic language class and business etiquette class. You network with locals and hear their stories. You discover why the country’s economy is emerging. You learn cross-cultural skills that are relevant to the job market.


At the same time, you will be exploring the destination’s most exciting hot-spots, nightlife, and Instagrammable attractions.

Visit major business hubs

Explore Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria

Two weeks all inclusive

Departure May 8, 2018

16 Carleton Students

Applications closed on February 4, 2018

It’s business by day, leisure by night.

It’s a condensed, intensive learning experience that gives you tangible skills and experience that employers look for.

It’s the ultimate business trip.

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Tour Basics​


With the growing-number of aspiring professionals looking to work in emerging markets upon graduation, the need for a well-rounded international education is becoming increasingly critical. Specifically, knowing what it means to live and work in a developing country gives you the tools you need to work with organizations internationally.

Take advantage of this trip – it’s not only an incredible opportunity to learn, but it may just be your first step to finding your international dream job. It is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, an incredible culture, and meet some incredible people along the way. The first few days may be intimidating, but you will learn to adapt quickly with the fantastic group that you’re traveling with. We can’t wait to show you what some of the world’s fastest growing countries have to offer! Now get ready, it’s almost time for take off!

Key industries that keep the economy running are: manufacturing, retail, financial services, communications, mining, agriculture and tourism. You will discover some of these main industries during your tour and understand what makes South Africa a new member of the BRICS nation.

Past company visits include:

  • BMW

  • Cape Point Vineyards

  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange

  • Bombardier


All companies are selected one to three months prior to departure

About Emerging Markets Project​


The Emerging Markets Project is an educational service provider and travel company located in Montreal, Canada. EMP specializes in offering two-week intensive educational tours to emerging markets for aspiring professionals who are looking to learn more about international business within these markets. EMP works closely with university and business partners to offer a one of a kind tour experience that seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical, and experiential learning.

What's Included

Round-trip flight to South Africa from Ottawa

Company tour

All breakfasts and meals listed

Hotel accomodations

(3+ stars)

All scheduled activities in the itinerary

Learning package prior to departure and swag bag

Inter-country transportation

Local tour guides

Support whenever you need us

Applications closed on February 4, 2018