SBSS Executive Team 2021/2022

The Sprott Business Students’ Society is pleased to introduce the executive team for the 2021-2022 academic year. The team will be led by incoming SBSS President, Samantha Gec. Executive team members were selected by an application, interview and voting process by Class B members (see SBSS By-Laws for more details). The new Executive board will enter into their new roles on May 1, 2020. Below is a bit about each new executive member and their goals for the upcoming academic year.

President: Samantha Gec

Samantha is in her final year of Commerce with a minor in Spanish, and concentration in International Business. She is overjoyed to have been elected SBSS President. She believes that at Sprott we harbour innovative ideas, diverse personalities and a ton of #SprottLove that makes up our welcoming and friendly community. This year as President, Samantha plans to ensure the SBSS does its part in increasing diversity, inclusivity, and equity within the Sprott Community. She wants to provide students with opportunities to excel in making connections within Sprott, and beyond to support their personal and professional development. She also plans to increase engagement between the SBSS and affiliated clubs as well as students. Lastly, she wants to ensure every Sprott student has a voice. She is extremely excited to take on this coming year!

VP Internal: Marina Felix

Marina is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student, concentrating in International Business. In the past she was the Events Director for SIBA, and held two positions in DECA including the Director of Communications and Co-President. In her new position as VP Internal, Marina hopes to foster an inclusive and supportive environment within the Sprott community. As a main point of contact for members of the SBSS, Marina is looking forward to connecting with students of all years as well as various Sprott clubs. Marina’s main goal for this year is to work with the rest of the team to increase student engagement and create events that promote equity and inclusion, as well as focus on the international student experience.

VP Marketing: Jon Moore

Jon is a third year BIB student, minoring in Spanish and concentrating in International Marketing and Trade. After an amazing year as the current VP Marketing for the SBSS, Jon is thrilled to come back and join the team for another term. This coming year, he really wants to focus on launching some successful merch lines, after experiencing difficulties last year; as well as continuing to strive to define the SBSS brand and image. He cannot wait to work with his team to make the 2021/2022 school year the best it can be, and hopes you are all as excited for what’s to come as he is.

VP Academic: Ceilidh Monk

Ceiledh is a 4th year Bachelor of International Business student, minoring in German and concentrating in marketing & trade. She is thrilled to be back for a second term as VP Academics for SBSS and to continue building on her team's accomplishments from this past year! She is looking forward to running a combination of online and in-person events to increase academic resources for students. Her team will bring back fan favourite events from this past year that were very well received. In addition, she plans to focus on creating new and innovative events to offer to students so stay tuned to see what she has in store!

VP External: Reilly Kraemer

Reilly is a third-year Bachelor of International Business student, minoring in Spanish, and concentrating in International Marketing and Trade. She first joined SBSS in her first year on the Social Committee, then Formals Co-Director, Public Relations Manager, and now your VP External Relations. Reilly looks forward to maintaining strong partner and sponsorship relationships, with the hopes of extending our reach internationally. She would also like to provide Sprott students with a variety of networking events, including a Virtual Banquet and Gala, should the academic term continue online. She wants to make this year memorable and fun for everyone! In her free time, you can catch her grabbing drinks with friends or doing an at-home workout.