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2020 may have been a rough year with lots of changes to people's everyday lives, but one thing that hasn't changed because of the pandemic, is Christmas and the holiday season. The holiday spirit remains intact in the form of claymation films, hot chocolate, colourful lights, fresh snowfall, and most importantly: holiday meals and presents. In a time where online shopping is so domineering, we as a community should contribute to smaller businesses struggling to stay afloat, instead of putting another dollar into multibillion corporations and catering companies. We have a few local businesses in Ottawa that have great presents for you to give to friends or loved ones, as well as to put on your own list.

Dipped Ottawa

Post Christmas dinner, you may be tempted to pull out the fruitcake, but please put that culinary bomb away for the safety of you and your family's taste buds. Instead, try ordering some desserts from Dipped Ottawa. Dipped Ottawa creates handmade, personalized desserts, all made of Belgian Chocolate. They're most famous for their brightly coloured, sublimely decorated cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries, and most importantly, their smash boxes. Formed into any shape you desire, a smash box is a Belgian Chocolate shell filled with treats. Like its name suggests, the smashing of said box is the main selling point. In my opinion, it’s the perfect stress reliever for when your outdated relative says something racist at the dinner table. If you are looking to place an order you can send them a message on their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dipped_ottawa/?hl=en

Graze with Honey

Of course, on Christmas eve when you're cuddling with your significant other, or lazing on the couch all by yourself . Try elevating your umpteenth viewing of Home Alone with a boujee Charcuterie board selection from Graze with Honey. Basic boards come with an assortment of cheeses, crackers, spreads, olives, vegetables, and smoked hams (if you’d like). Vegetarian and nut free are also available. Graze with Honey’s Charcuterie board boxes are the best way to wine and dine. It is the perfect snack to give a friend for a wine night rather than eat another holiday dinner. To place an order just send them a direct message on instagram or email them. All information can be found in their instagram bio: https://www.instagram.com/graze.with.honey/?hl=en

My Crochet Shack

As we all know, other than money, the best presents are said to be the ones made with love; and since nothing in the rulebook says so, it still counts if said presents are made from the love of another person. Since the Canadian winter lasts for more than half a year, a crocheted hat would be the perfect gift for anyone. My Crochet Shack has a wide selection of fun and personal hats and other items that are handmade. Artfully crafted, these hats are not only practical, but extremely cute! They also have a large assortment of scarves, stuffed animals, and even pumpkins will fit your taste (they've also made Among Us figures, so I’m sure nothing is off the table). To place an order you can direct message them on instagram at this link: https://www.instagram.com/my_crochet_shack/


Puraparm is an organic, vegan, natural, chemical and cruelty free skincare company. Their skincare line consists of beneficial serums, creams, and sunscreen. All of their products include highly advantageous ingredients such as shea butter (hydrating, reduces irritation, rich source of fatty acids), rosehip oil (brightens skin, antioxidant benefits, high in vitamin c, reduces dark spots), and frankincense oil (prevents aging). To order from Puraparm, head over to their Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/puraparm

Plant and Curio

Not all of us are good at keeping plants alive, but thankfully, the cute succulents from Plant and Curio are easy to take care of. With that being said, don’t be afraid to give a houseplant to a loved one this holiday. Plant and Curio is a plant lover’s nirvana. Decorated in adorable decals and bright paint, their store is stocked to the brim with bundles like your oh-so common Lavender, to the ever exotic Philodendron Pedatum. Plants are a great gift to give this year as we will be spending most of our winter inside so bringing nature in will help brighten the mood. Feel free to get your own plant buddy at Plant and Curio’s store location, (173 Preston St, Ottawa, Ontario), or online through their website!


Well there you go! Lots of ideas if you are stuck on what to get your bubble. It is so important during these times to continue to support local businesses whenever possible and this is a great way to help them out while spreading joy to your family and friends. Happy Holiday’s Sprotties and we will see you in the new year!

Stay Safe and Sprott Love

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