Acts of Kindness

As Valentine's day approaches, it will look a little different this year. With the province still in lockdown, we are stuck in our homes with those who we care about. Although you may not be able to take your Valentine out for dinner, there are still lots of acts of kindness you can do for them. Valentine’s day is not only for those in romantic relationships, it’s also a day to show your friends and family you care for them too. We have put together some COVID friendly ways to show your family, friends and roommates you care for them.

Words of Affirmation: Not only can words of affirmation be given easily and from 6 feet away, but they’re also practically free. Call your loved one, send a card, or send them a text, and tell them how much you care for them. This helps express how much someone means to you and thanks them for all that they do for you.

Physical Contact: Obviously right now physical contact is hard but if you live with your family or your roommates you can give them a hug to show them you care and are there for them. Especially right now as friends are overwhelmed with school and midterms, sometimes all they need is a good hug. Please ensure that these are people in your household though.

Receiving Gifts: The box of chocolates, teddy bear, and bouquet of roses trio is a classic, but this year's gifts should be as unique as the circumstance we’re in. Since, of course, physical contact of any kind is a no-go, try buying Bond Bracelets. Bond Bracelets are for long-distances, but they’re highly practical in this COVID era. The Bond Bracelet lets off vibrations that mimic the touch and heartbeat of your partner, allowing you to remain close with them at all times.

For more casual gifts, e gift cards are super handy right and sincerely appreciated. Send your best friend a starbucks gift card and tell them that coffee is on you today. It is a simple way to show someone you are thinking about them while staying apart.

Quality Time: Usually, a nice dinner downtown would be ideal, but seeing as to how that's not an option, try ordering takeout. It’s simple really, send a delivery meal that you think your loved one would enjoy to their house. When the meals arrive, a facetime session and movie night can serve as dessert. You can also arrange a group facetime with friends, a game night with family or roommates, or even just a phone call to your loved one. Setting aside time out of your schedule shows someone you care to make time for them.

Acts of Service: An act of service is a great way to let your loved one know that they’re not alone. Easy ways to do this now is picking up groceries for them, shoveling driveways, cooking dinner, or just being a shoulder to cry on in tough times. Always be listening so you can find anyway you can help.

We hope everyone has a great Valentine's day and remembers to stay safe and respect Covid-19 regulations. The winter break is right around the corner so hang in there!

Stay Safe and Sprott Love

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