Fall Activities in Ottawa

It’s Fall Sprotties! With winter coming soon, it's important to take advantage of the weather and get outside to enjoy the time we have. With midterms starting soon as well, fresh air is a great way to take a break from your studying and refresh your mind. We have put together a list of activities to do outside this fall in ottawa, or if you are staying home this semester, activities that you can do in your own city!

1. Go on a hike

At this time of year with the colour of the leaves changing, hikes in the hills around Ottawa are stunning. Make sure you get bundled up in a vest and some leggings, or your favourite sweater and a pair of sweatpants. There are lots of different trails nearby. Gatineau Park has so many different hiking trails to check out, and the Eagles nest in Calabogie is just a short drive for a phenomenal view.

2. Go apple picking

As the weather gets cooler, it is the perfect apple pie weather, but there’s nothing better than freshly picked apples to put into your pie. Apple orchards are a great place to go to get out of the house and grab some fresh air, and grab a snack at the same time. Personally we love the mini donuts they offer at the orchards, and you can also grab some cute pictures to post on Instagram!

3. Head over to a pumpkin patch

Although Halloween may not be the same this year, pumpkin patches are still open! Going out to pick up some pumpkins is a perfect way to get into the fall mood. There are an ample amount of pumpkin patches across ottawa to check out depending on what area you live in. Go grab some pumpkins to fall up your house decorations.

4. Go for a bike ride

There are so many bike paths all over Ottawa to explore. It’s a perfect way to get out for some fresh air and exercise at the same time! You can bike down by the canal before it freezes over or find a path in the suburbs through a forest with the changing leaves. There is a trail for everyone!

5. Go see a drive in movie/concert

Wesley Clover park has been holding drive in movies all summer and has now been holding drive in concerts as well! Just last weekend Dean Brody performed! Keep an eye out for which movies they will be showing each week as there is always something new on. All you need is some popcorn, a bunch of blankets and a movie partner.

It’s important when doing any other these activities to abide by the current restrictions the Ontario government has put in place.

Stay Safe and Sprott Love

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