Sprott Lounge 2.0

IT’S HERE! The wait is finally over for the new virtual Sprott Lounge created just for Sprotties. The launch happened on September 3rd where there were prizes to be won and fun events happening. You may still be wondering what exactly this new lounge is like, well look no further. Here is a quick rundown of what the Virtual Sprott Lounge is, how the launch went and what we can all look forward to in the future.

What is the Virtual Sprott Lounge?

The Virtual Sprott Lounge is a video call open to all Sprott students providing them an opportunity to connect remotely. Similar to the Sprott lounge located on 719 DT this video call is available for students 24/7 to enter. Throughout the year the SBSS and other Sprott clubs will be hosting events within the lounge. However students are encouraged to chat, study, or even have their lunch in the lounge whenever they would like.

What was the idea behind the creation of the new Sprott Lounge?

The idea of the lounge was to bring students a sense of the Sprott Love feeling when students enter the actual Sprott lounge located in Dunton tower. By creating a virtual lounge SBSS hopes to provide students with the same Sprott Love feeling no matter where they are located.

What happened on the launch date/how it was perceived?

Students stopped by the Sprott Lounge throughout the hours of 3pm and 7pm, chatting with various SBSS executives and other Sprott students. They were excited to finally have a platform where they were able to convene (virtually) with their fellow classmates and hang out with one another!

Going forward what can students expect out of the Lounge?

Students will be able to use the lounge for various reasons, whether it’s a group project, studying before a big exam, or meeting other Sprott students! The Lounge will also be home to many online events throughout the year. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Sprott Lounge and use it whenever they can during the school year!

The SBSS is super excited about this new project and hopes Sprotties will enjoy the social platform to interact with fellow students. To access the lounge, go to our instagram and click the link in our bio.

Stay Safe and Sprott Love

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