Inclusion at Sprott

The Sprott School of Business strives to be a learning community where individuals can find their voice and pursue their passion, no matter where they have been, who they are or where they are going. Racism and discrimination diminish our ability to fulfill this shared ambition and will not be tolerated in our community.

We must work together to better understand and support one another, to ensure that all of us have equal opportunities to become our best selves. At Sprott, we are committed to this work and to embarking on a journey of listening, self-reflection and change. As we work toward building a more equitable and inclusive community, we have recently appointed two new leadership roles at Sprott, the Assistant Dean of Equity and Inclusive Communities and the Sprott Business Students’ Society Director of Equity and Inclusion. Together they will convene a school-wide committee to collaborate with students, faculty, staff and our community partners to create safe spaces for dialogue about diversity and discrimination within and outside of the classroom. Together, we will review and revise our curricula and teaching materials to better reflect diverse perspectives on the purpose and potential of business and innovation. This fall, we are hosting events and speakers to highlight outstanding leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Our ongoing work will include a review of our student admissions, as well as staff and faculty recruitment practices to ensure that we develop inclusive practices that welcome the best and brightest to join our diverse community. Alongside this, we will take actions to ensure that talented people thrive in our community without bias. Our work will require continually challenging ourselves to listen, learn and reflect upon our own values and preconceptions and those of our community.

As we continue to work to become a more inclusive and welcoming community, we will become a stronger business school, ready for the challenges that face us in the world. Social injustice expressed through inequality is an obstacle to recovery from the tumultuous period we are living through and to a future of shared prosperity. The Sprott School of Business is working to overcome these obstacles and pave the way to a better future for all.

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