Staying Connected While Staying Apart

The world is a completely different place than it was two months ago. In that time, schools have closed, international travel has been banned, and social distancing has been at the forefront of all our minds. Communication and human interactions are essential parts of our lives. Obviously, the way we interact has changed massively throughout this pandemic. Some of us are at home with family, others are staying with friends, but there are members of our community who are by themselves during this time. However, thanks to social media, and social networking sites, there are multiple ways to engage with friends and family, even while at a distance. From sharing content on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, to taking part in Bingo and This or That challenges, we have been

able to find ways to stay engaged with one

another, despite the pandemic facing the world.

Another initiative that the Sprott school of Business has created as a way to communicate with fellow Sprott students during this time is called Sprott Connects. This program connects Sprott students with one another, and allows them to make meaningful connections despite the pandemic which has limited this aspect of university life. It is a great opportunity to meet new people who you have common interests with. All you have to do to participate is fill out a short survey about you so your answers can be used to find the best match for you to connect with.

Sprott has found a way to knock down the barriers of distance in a creative and innovative way, via technology, all the while introducing you to other Sprott students you may have never had the opportunity to meet. As business students, networking and social connections are key components of our program, and another major part is solving problems by thinking outside the box. Sprotts ability to use these principles to create a new program to help create connections in our community is exactly what was needed to fill the hole of social connection among Sprotties.

If you are interested in participating in this program click on the following link to register and begin connecting with others in our community.

The SBSS would love to know how you are staying connected with friends and family during these past few months! Stay Safe and Sprott Love!

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