Mental Health and Relaxation

With Bell Let’s Talk day approaching, mental health has re-emerged in many conversations. These topics range from depression and anxiety to a lot of stress with school or life in general. It is so important that mental health remains a priority for everyone as a healthy mind will lead to a healthy life. Since mental health is so important, we have put together some health and relaxation tips to use in your life to improve your overall mental health.

What is Bell Let’s Talk day?

Bell Let’s Talk Day is the largest corporate mental health campaign in Canada. Bell has been committed to creating a stigma-free Canada around the topic of mental health. For every text, snapchat, call, tweet, etc, Bell will donate 5¢ towards mental health initiatives. It is important to educate yourself on the topic in order to help your friends or family that may suffer from mental health issues or to aid others you may know in need. The idea is to open up about mental health issues to show that you are not alone. This year it takes place on January 29th, 2020. For more information, visit

Tips for Health and Relaxation:

  1. Take care of your body. Remember that what you put into your body is your fuel. Ensure you and eating healthy and drinking lots of water as this will give you positive fuel versus caffeine and sugar. These will give you a quick burst of energy but you will quickly crash and burn out.

  2. Put yourself first. Remember it is okay to say no to going out if it is not what is best for you. If you need a day off for your mental health or just to catch up on sleep, then take it! You do not have to spread yourself thin. Take time to evaluate what you truly want to do or what you need to help yourself and do that, even if others may not understand.

  3. Law of attraction. This is all about how like energies will find each other, almost like magnets. Using this concept you can think of what you want in your life. If you want happiness and to be motivated then surround yourself with people who want the same and this will aid you to get what you desire.

  4. Schedule time to eat and sleep. Although this one may seem silly, it really can make a difference. With the amount of assignments and studying you do at university, time can slip away from you and you may be eating too little or not sleeping enough. By scheduling time in your day to just grab a snack or have a 30 minute nap can make a huge difference in your energy levels and motivation.

  5. Set aside 30 minutes of you time each day. This can be time to read a book, have a bath, colour, listen to a podcast, workout, but something off a device to calm your mind. Taking time away from the computer screen or your phone will help lower your stress and the light from your phone keeps your brain running all the time. By taking time away to calm yourself and take a breather, you will as a result be less stressed and have a clearer mind when you return to your tasks.

  6. Get help if you need it. Sometimes mental health issues can be pushed aside because people just think that it is stress or they are overreacting. Mental health is not something to take lightly. If you had a small cold you would say you are sick to others and you would treat it, so why is a little anxiety any different? If stress is consuming your mind it is important to talk to someone, weather it be just a friend or family member, or even a psychologist. It is important that you talk because the longer you keep things in the worse it will get.

If you wish to find other ways to support mental health, the SBSS has partnered with Ducky Brand to create a line of winter hats in honour of Bell Let’s Talk day. Each hat is 15$ and 30% of the profits are donated to the Canadian Mental Health Institute. To purchase one, head over to 719 Dunton Tower to pick one up today!

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