Making the Most of January

Welcome to a new year Sprotties! We hope that by now you are all settled into your new classes and are getting a nice routine down. January can be a long month for some, with the combination of short days and cold snowy weather being quite the downer. After a busy December there is little to celebrate in January, and no real holidays until Valentine's day (and who really enjoys Valentines day anyhow?) That being said, we thought we’d look into some fun little holidays that are happening over the next few months that we think are worth celebrating.

If you’re a fan of acquired tastes like some members on council are, you’ll be happy to know that National Strawberry Ice Cream Day is coming up on Wednesday, January 15th. Ottawa offers many great ice cream spots where you can celebrate this wonderful day, however a favourite is Moo Shu Ice Cream on Bank Street, where they use local ingredients in their flavours.

If you ask anyone anything about squirrels they are likely to say that we don't appreciate them enough. Did you know that they can find food buried underneath a foot of snow? Or that they lose 25% of their nuts to thieves? Tuesday, January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day, and you can celebrate by going for a walk in the Arboretum to find them, or just as a study break. Hopefully the canal will be open for skating by then so you can see even more squirrels in the Glebe or in Centretown.

Ever wanted a day to do everything in reverse? Well Friday, January 31st is your time to shine, as it is National Reverse Day. Go to your 6 P.M. class at 6 A.M., wear your shirt backwards, but also make sure that you come to our Annual General Meeting at 6:30 P.M.

Finally, on Sunday, February 2nd, it is International Day of the Crepe. A food so good it warrants its own day. When making your Sunday brunch plans, make sure you go to a place that sells crepes so you can celebrate accordingly. Local favourites include Wild Oat in the Glebe, A Thing for Chocolate in Westboro, or if you’re looking for more than crepes, there are many other nice breakfast food places in the area.

There are indeed multiple things to celebrate in January in Ottawa, you just have to go looking for them! Enjoy the slower pace while it's here. Soon, midterm season will arrive and you will wish you had more spare time. If you want to do something fun, check out the SBSS Instagram or Facebook page, where we have lots of fun events planned for you Sprotties.

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