ICC 2019 Recap

This past Saturday the SBSS held their annual Internal Case Competition. “The Internal Case Competition provides students the opportunity to apply their studies to real-life scenarios and practice their skills before a panel of judges. Partners of the event, who act as judges, are able to provide students with feedback on how to strengthen their presentation and critical thinking skills, while networking with the events’ ambitious participants. As the Sprott School of Business prepares teams to compete both in Canada and internationally, the Internal Case Competition is an excellent platform for students to hone their skills and gain practical experience in presenting cases. Students compete in teams of 3 within two divisions - junior (first and second year students) and senior (third year and above)” (Ellena Damini, VP Academics). This year the event was sponsored by Enterprise Holdings.

The competition was tight in both divisions but “Its Accrual World”, made up of Blake Leclair, Emily Mcneil, Monica Werykowicz, reigned victorious in the Senior Division. Additionally, “CAED Consulting” were the champions in the junior division composed of three ambitious first year Sprotties, Sofia Pantano, Jeramy Chartrand and Zack Hobbs.

Many memories were made with friends as teams worked hard together. “My favourite part of ICC 2019 was seeing so many new faces come out to try a case competition for the first time, as well as seeing returning faces!” (Ellena Damini, VP Academics). Thank you to everyone for coming out and participating in the event, it was a great success! We are glad to see everyone get involved in case cracking. Be sure to keep an eye out for future SBSS events throughout next semester or keep an eye out for SBSS study sessions as we head into finals.

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