The 52nd Annual Business Banquet

The 52nd annual Business Banquet on Monday, November 25th at the Shaw Centre is quickly approaching and provides a great opportunity for students to network as well as hear amazing speakers such as our keynote speaker, Anastasia Valentine. In order to fully take advantage of the event, it’s important to be prepared so here are some helpful tips to get ready for the Business Banquet!

Dress Code

The dress code of the Business Banquet has a business professional dress code which is typically a suit and tie for men and a skirt or pants, usually with a blazer for women. The banquet is a business event so it is important that students present themselves as professionally as possible.

Business cards

If you have business cards, bring them to the banquet. and Staples are great places to design and print them. A good networking card will have your photo on it to help employers remember you. LinkedIn also has a QR code generator which is good to put on business cards because it is an easy way to exchange LinkedIn information.


There will be a Quick Tips session hosted by BCMC right before the business banquet begins at the main level of the Shaw Centre to give students last minute networking advice and hands-on practise. There is no registration, just come ready to learn some great networking strategies!

The basic structure for an effective networking interaction is an introduction, some prepared questions and a satisfying close to the conversation.

  1. Start with a strong handshake, smile and say your name, then tell the employer what program you are in,

  2. Have some questions prepared such “What is your connection to Sprott?”. If he/she is an alumni ask them about their time at Carleton with questions such as “Who were your favourite profs?”. You can also talk about changes at Sprott such as the new Nicol building or the new Dean, Dana Brown.

  3. A good way to close the conversation would be to thank them for their time. An example of a good closing is “It’s been nice chatting, I’ll let someone else have a chance to talk with you”. Then shake hands and exchange business cards.

Dinner Etiquette

  1. Remember BMW- Bread, Meal, Water. Your bread plate is on the left, your main plate in the center and your water/wine glass is on the right.

  2. Start using utensils from the outside going in towards your plate with soup/salad usually first.

  3. When eating soup, make sure you're using the soup spoon, spoon the soup away from your mouth, rubbing the spoon on the outside of the bowl to prevent dripping. Make sure not to slurp and no dipping bread or crackers. Break a small piece of bread off the roll, butter and eat it.

  4. Its okay to cut up salad if that will make it easier to eat.

  5. During each course, wait until everyone at your table has been served to begin eating. Have the fork in your right hand and knife in your left, this will be reversed if you are left handed.

  6. Once the napkin leaves the table to go on your lap it should never go back on the table. If you leave the table for a short time, put the napkin on your chair.

Special Thanks to BCMC!

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