Seventh Annual Flag Football Tournament

On Saturday, September 28th, 8 teams of Sprotties descended upon Windsor Park for the 7thannual SBSS Flag Football Tournament. The spirits were high among each team, even as the weather turned on us and games were played in the rain. This only added to the challenge as players slipped on the wet grass, and shoes filled with water. Nonetheless, everyone made sure to cheer each team on, and to play their best.

The tournament started at 11 A.M with the 8 competing teams divided into two groups to play in round robin format. Some teams were just out to have fun, while others strategically planned plays when they weren’t playing, and executed them on the field, often with great success. With the tournament being open to all students, it was a good opportunity to make new friends outside of Sprott, and then promptly try your best to defeat them mercilessly in a football game.

Special thanks to our Director of Athletics Ryan Farrell, who organized the entire tournament and made sure it ran smoothly, Emily Buchkowsky, who played on two teams, playing more than anyone else, and out photographers Taylor Vandermeer, Julia Smith, and Christiana Lee, who spent the day standing in the rain looking for the perfect shot.

Additionally, congratulations to Andy’s Team, who came out on top at the end of the day and took the trophy! Thanks to all the teams for coming out to take part in the tournament.

After an amazing start to the year at Sprosh, it was amazing to see so many students out for our first tournament of the year. Don’t forget, the Movember dodgeball tournament is coming up, so prepare your teams, and get ready to battle it out once again!

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