Five Days for the Homeless: Recap

Along with 17 other universities across Canada, the Sprott Business Students Society participated in Five Days for the Homeless. Five Days for the Homeless is a national campaign run by the Canadians Association of Business Students that was founded in 2005. It strives to raise awareness of community members that are at risk or are experiencing homelessness. During the five day campaign students forgo the comforts of their home and live outside on campus for five full days no matter what the weather is. They go without access to showers, a warm bed and food. They are only allowed to use the facilities on campus that are open to the public, and all food is donated by strangers, family and friends. They are still required to attend all their classes, write tests and hand in assignments.

From March 10th to March 15th four Sprott students volunteered their time as sleepers. The sleepers were Caylee Talbot, Samantha Gec, Jodi Sunstrum. During the day they went to their classes and when they were not in class they were outside engaging with other students raising donations. When the night time hit they set up their sleeping station with tarps being used as tents and bundled up into their sleeping bags. Throughout the day friends and other students would ask them if they wanted anything to eat and brought by coffee and sandwiches. A few students who had known about the campaign before even brought

by clothing such as mittens, hats and hand warmers. A tweet on Twitter was started to try and get Justin Trudeau to stop by again, but it is is safe to assume that he was too busy to drop by…. maybe next year! These four sleepers were not alone, as other students came out to help raise money standing with them by their station, playing music and talking to the student community raising awareness. Guests Lindsay Bell, Hanna Di Virgilio, Elias Papoulias, Rajyogeshwar Singh and Cam Moore joined the fun by sleeping with them for the night.

All donations raised this year went to Operation Come Home, a local support center for the homeless and at risk youth. This local support center OCH is for at-risk youth age 16 and up. Their program has a main focus on employment, education and support focusing on what matters and work for the youth first. They encourage personal growth from all everyone striving for those in the program to become independent following their mission statement of preventing the homeless youth from becoming homeless adults. Over the five days this year, SBSS raised over $3,500!

SBSS is extremely proud of the sleepers who donated their time to stand with such an important cause. To all the volunteers that donated food and clothes, thank you for your support and donations. Until the next Five Days!

The sleepers!

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