Real Estate Career Night: Recap

This past Wednesday October 10th, the SBSS co-hosted an incredible networking event with the CLV group. The event took place at the sky level of the Liv Apartments which included a breathtaking view of Ottawa at night. Guests received a brief tour of the grounds which included gorgeous seating areas, a gym and even a rooftop dog park… and yes, you read that correctly! This sweet escape was definitely a great way for students to forget their fast-approaching midterms and enjoy some free munchies...oh and get to know a bit more about the Real Estate Industry of course!

It was a pleasant surprise, and definitely an aid of comfort for some to find that many of the business professionals were Sprott and Carleton Alumni. Hearing their post-graduate stories and how they were able to kickstart their professional careers was definitely the motivation needed in the upcoming midterm season!

And in case a room filled with business professionals from the CLV group and the InterRent REIT wasn’t enough excitement, there was a game of CLV Jeopardy for even more motivation to network and get to know more about the individuals around us! Congratulations goes to the students who won the raffle!

Guest Speaker David Chrystal, pricing manager of InterRent REIT, gave a presentation on him, his role within the company, and some background knowledge about CLV and InterRent. Following his insightful presentation, we finished the night with a panel of four members of the CLV group who answered all of our questions. Thank you to SBSS President Hanna and our panel Co-host Kokeb from Carleton University Women in Business for leading the panel and asking questions.

Overall, the CLV Real Estate Career night was a success, positively changing many student’s perception on working in the real estate industry. Contact information was exchanged for future jobs, and influential insights were given on jobs in the real estate industry. Thanks CLV group for an amazing night! For those of you who were unable to attend the are in luck! Next semester we will be co-hosting this same event with CLV again, so make sure to keep an eye out for advertisements next semester.

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