SBSS Flag Football: Recap

“42 HUT”


Last Saturday September 22nd marked the sixth annual SBSS flag football tournament. Although it was a bit chilly, the weather was in our favour and the sun was shining. The turnout was fantastic, with a crowd of about 130 people including, spectators, players and volunteers everyone was excited for the event. Just the day before a little tornado had hit Ottawa and left many students powerless. So many people were excited to get out to play some football and distract them from the fact that all the food in their refrigerators was spoiling.

The tournament was a double knockout format, with the first game starting at 11am. With 12 teams registered, the competition was high and the players were ready to win. On the side and in between games the teams practised, coming up with game plans and plays that would hopefully bring them to the finals. Teams of not only current students but alumni gave it their best shot, throwing that ball and running like they never had before, but we all know that there can only be one team that comes out on top.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Oj’s defense council !!!!

To all the teams that played, thanks for the spirit, the great sportsmanship, and exciting games to watch!

A new aspect to the event this year was a chip truck! With the two dollar off coupon, the truck was a popular attraction of the day, especially with those who were still without power and did not have any food. They served an assortment of delicious treats from mouth-watering poutine and hot dogs, to your classic hamburger and fries. And even for those vegetarians, spring rolls were coming right on up!

The sixth annual flag football tournament was success bringing in a huge roster of teams and spirit. I cannot wait for next year's tournament to happen, with all the same goodness, except for the tornado.

Throw the scroller down the page to view some photos from the event!

Team work makes the dream work!

Shoot for the stars and maybe your team will catch it!

Team spirit! Let's get it!

That face when you are waiting for your food to be ready

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