SBSS Announces Directors for 2018-2019

The Sprott Business Students' Society is excited to announce its directors for the 2018-2019 academic year! The 15 directors and two representatives join the six executives hired in February and President Hanna Di Virgilio, who was elected in January.

The 2018-2019 council will see the addition of the Web Development Director under the Marketing portfolio, the addition of a second Corporate Director under the External Relations Portfolio, and the move of the Corporate Clubs Director under the Internal Relations portfolio, where it previously sat under the External portfolio.

These changes to the council roster have been made to better equip council's portfolios with the resources and capabilities necessary to better serve Sprott students. The International Student Representative positions were added to council in September of 2017.

SBSS Committee applications open in September 2018. More information will be available during Sprosh Week.

The outgoing executives and directors are very optimistic about what next year's team has in store, and extends their congratulations to each of the new and returning directors.

Meet the 2018-2019 Sprott Business Students' Society below!

Hanna Di Virgilio, President


Briauna Bowen, Vice President Internal Relations

Scott Braddon, Corporate Clubs Director

Aydan Safarli & Raj Singh, International Student Representatives


Julia DeMarinis, Vice President External Relations

Nick Lamot & Zara Shah, Corporate Co-Directors

Cate Callegari & Sarah Cavaliere, Formals Co-Directors


Andrea Wells, Vice President Academics

Hannah Finlan, Academics Director


Delante Brown, Vice President Finance

Harry Jay, Finance Director


Lindsay Bell, Vice President Marketing

Nicole Dim, Digital Media Director

Cameron Moore, Media Production Director

Riley O’Keefe, Merchandise Director

Alex Lam, Public Relations Director

Andrew Palombo, Web Development Director


Elias Papoulias, Vice President Student Life

Hassam Ali, Athletics Director

Claire Wilson, Charity Director

Hunter Lupal, Social Director

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