SBSS Announces 2018-2019 Executive Team


This post has been updated. The original version of this post was published on February 12, 2018.


The Sprott Business Students' Society is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 SBSS Executive Team! Through a rigorous hiring and interview process, the new executives were selected by the president-elect following careful consideration and advisory from faculty at the Sprott School of Business.


Over the upcoming three months, the incoming executives will work closely with the outgoing executives to transition into their roles, and will make their first debut as a team at the annual SBSS Gala on Friday, March 23, 2018. Details regarding the 2018 SBSS Gala will be released later this week. The incoming team will begin their term as executives on May 1, 2018.


The outgoing members of this year's Executive Team would like to extend their most enthusiastic congratulations to the new and returning members. 


Meet the 2018-2019 Executive Team below!



Hanna Di Virgilio



Hanna is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student concentrating in Marketing and International Business. Returning for her second term as President, Hanna is excited to revamp the SBSS by implementing new and refreshing events! Furthermore, her dedication to connect Sprott students to the external business community will provide students with ample networking opportunities. The upcoming academic year is going to be the best year the SBSS has seen to date!