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Applications for the 2019-2020 SBSS president closed on January 22, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Below you can find those who have applied and will be running for President 2020-2021. 

Emily Buchkowsky 
Hey Sprott!

My name is Emily Buchkowsky and I am a second year Bachelor of Commerce student running to be your next SBSS President! In my first year here at Sprott, I was the First Year Representative for the SBSS and this past year I was fortunate enough to be the Vice President of Internal Relations. My past experiences on SBSS have provided me with the skills needed to fulfill this role. I love meeting new people and getting involved and believe this will help me to lead the council to successfully fund, organize and run a variety of events throughout the year. Being apart of the SBSS has enhanced my experience here at Sprott and as a potential president, I hope to lead a council that allows you to have a similar or better experience than myself!


My platform aims to encourage an inclusive, and supportive environment to enhance each student’s experience at Sprott.

1. Improve external funding and relationships

Through securing sponsorship and increasing our alumni network early on in the year, I hope to strengthen ties with external sponsors in the hopes of increasing funding and opportunities for students.

2. Increase student engagement

Students are the core of the SBSS, I hope to continue hosting our most well-known events while encouraging an inclusive environment for all students.

3. Increase brand awareness

I aim to ensure Sprott students and the greater Carleton community can recognize the SBSS logo and are aware of what we do for students throughout the year!

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