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Professional Development Portfolio

Academic Co-Directors Position 

Responsibilities Run events with a main goal in educational advancements Committed to coordinating and executing the annual Internal Case Competition and other academic initiatives throughout the year Responsible for aiding in creating, developing and growing new academic sessions and events Skills Developed Problem solving Time management Organization

Formals Co-Directors Position 

Responsibilities Responsible for coordinating the Annual Business Banquet and Gala for the SBSS Coordinate with the VP Corporate Relations for the recruitment of business professionals for the Annual Business Banquet The Formals Co-Director is allowed to negotiate contracts, even long term ones, for the event venues and suppliers, with final acceptance coming from the Executive The Formals Co-Director must completely oversee the Annual Business Banquet and Gala for the SBSS with support from the Vice President Professional Development Skills Developed Event Coordination Time Management and Organization Problem Solving Interpersonal Skills Creativity

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