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Internal Portfolio

International Student Representative

Responsibilities Responsible for engaging the international student body attending the Sprott School of Business. Aiding with the planning and hosting of the annual SBSS x Clubs Sprottluck. Running at least one event during the SBSS Student Appreciation Week with the main goal of engaging Sprott’s international community. Responsible for hosting one meeting per semester for International students and students who are interested in International student affairs. The purpose of these meetings are to engage and receive feedback/suggestions from the International student body. Work closely with the Sprott International Business Association (SIBA) in order to better enhance the experience of both International students as well as International Business students. Skills Developed: Communication Event Planning Organization Problem solving

Co-Corporate Clubs Directors

Responsibilities Responsible for coordination of the SBSS and all Sprott Clubs and their efforts with associated events held throughout the year. Maintain relations with all Sprott Club executives and members. Work to create transparency between the SBSS and all Sprott Clubs. Work closely with BCMC to fully understand the needs of each individual Sprott Club. Keep the VP Internal and President, as well as informing the rest of the Council on the progress and activities of the Sprott Clubs. Skills Developed Interpersonal Skills Organization Problem Solving

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Director

Responsibilities The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Director consults with all members on the SBSS Council to ensure inclusive practices for all events and initiatives Host at least one event per semester alongside the Vice President of Internal Relations and Assistant Dean, of Equity and Inclusive Communities Attend the EDI board meetings with faculty and partake in the strategic plans for EDI and assist in bringing the student perspective to the table Communicate back all matters of equity and inclusion to the SBSS President and Executive team to improve student experience Ensure equity, diversity and inclusion of underrepresented and equity seeking groups at all events hosted by the Sprott Business Students’ Society and any affiliated clubs under the SBSS banner

Website Development Director

Responsibilities Responsible for updating and monitoring the SBSS website Implement innovative ideas and find solutions to any problem that may arise Continuous maintenance of the SBSS website Responsible for the development of new pages and features to the SBSS website, ensuring information stays updated with upcoming events and important information for students Ensure web design aligns with SBSS brand standards Create the website layout and user interface, and manage of user experience Generate and design email marketing campaigns Skills Developed Web Design Website Management Time Management Organization Problem solving

Human Resources Director

Responsibilities Work closely with the VP Internal to coordinate committee hiring from the recruitment to selection process Prepare position description information, interview questions, schedule interviews, and maintain communication with applicants Provide and promote volunteer/events opportunities for professional and personal development to the student body Assist the VP Internal and act as a third party with all matters disciplinary Skills Developed Communication Interpersonal Organization and Time Management Knowledge of recruitment processes

Sustainability Director

Responsibilities The Sustainability Director will be responsible at least one sustainability oriented events and initiatives for Sprott students The Sustainability Director will consult with members of the SBSS council on improving sustainable practices such as resource conservation for events and initiatives The Sustainability Director is responsible to sit on the Sprott Sustainability Champions Committee with the goal to bridge the SBSS and the the Sprott School of Business in our sustainability efforts Identify educational, training, and development opportunities to improve sustainable practices Skills Developed Communication Event Planning Organization Problem solving

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