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Professional Development

Formals Committee (Position Open)


We are looking for a group of 3-4 people to fill positions on the formal committee. The formals committee will work closely with the Formals Co-Directors to plan and coordinate the formal events throughout the year including Banquet and Gala.

  • Determining quantity and quality of decorations

  • Placing orders and purchasing required items

  • Having a layout plan prepared for the day of

  • Coordinating seating arrangements for events

  • Registration and name tags

  • Attending and helping facilitate events on the day of 

  • Promote all SBSS events

  • Attend weekly meetings

  • Reliable

  • Creative

  • Possess good communication skills

  • Enjoy event planning

Academics Committee (Position Filled)


We are currently seeking approximately 3-5 students to join the Academics Committee. The Academics Committee will work closely with the Academics Co-Directors to help plan and coordinate academic events throughout the year.

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Helping in logistical planning

  • Collecting student responses before and after workshops (designing surveys, talking with students etc.)

  • Promoting all SBSS events through word of mouth and social media 

  • Attending committee meetings

  • Attending monthly SBSS full council meetings

    Note: Roles and responsibilities may vary depending on the event**

  • Self-motivated

  • Passionate about Academia and empowering the Sprott Student Body

  • Dedicated and hardworking

  • Organized and willing to put the time in to help ensure activities run smoothly and with optimal participation

  • Reliable and a strong communicator

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