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Internal Portfolio

Public Relations Director

Responsibilities Creating innovative marketing promotional ideas for upcoming events and initiatives Creating creative strategies to improve and maintain the SBSS’ image to distinguish from other schools Coordinate and host class talks with assistance from the Public Relations Managers The Public Relations Director will be responsible for managing the Public Relations Managers and all its members. Skills Developed Communication Interpersonal Skills Creativity Content Creation

Merchandise Director

Responsibilities Designing, coordinating and stocking the SBSS with merchandise to sell and give away Must pass all designs and contracts through the Executive before ordering from the supplier Responsible for regular inventory counts Work to try to solve any discrepancies with the merchandise inventory count The Merchandise Director will be responsible to get the prices approved by the VPF before sales Create promotions with the Marketing team for the merchandise sales Skills Developed Creativity Retail Management Organization Clothing Design Budgeting

Graphic Design Director 

Responsibilities The Graphic Design Director is responsible for all visual marketing within the SBSS Create print ads, banner ads, videos and any other visual marketing the Council needs for events Work with the Social Media Director to aid in posting on the social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the blog and any other hosted site the SBSS has activated. Skills Developed Graphic Design Branding Time Management and Organization

Social Media Director

Responsibilities Post on the social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and any other hosted site the SBSS has activated. Monitor the social media sites, ensuring the content is appropriate Engage with the student body socially to maintain presence Respond to inquiries made on the social accounts Skills Developed Communication Content Creation Interpersonal Skills Branding Problem Solving

Content Creation Director

Responsibilities Responsible for taking any necessary photographs or videos for the SBSS, whether for events or for marketing purposes Work towards implementing innovative ideas and find solutions to any problem that may arise within the marketing portfolio Contribute to all visual marketing within the SBSS Responsible for updating and monitoring visual media (photography and videography) on the SBSS website on a continual basis Skills Developed Communication Interpersonal skills Creativity Organization

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