Pride Month!

June is a very significant month for the LGBTQ community as it is better known as pride month. Although you may not be seeing the parades through the streets of major cities this year due to unfortunate circumstances, the message is still being shared nationwide, just in slightly different ways. This month is used as a celebration of the contributions the LGBTQ community has had on the world and acknowledgement of the obstacles they continue to face in today's society. The term LGBT stands as an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender but as since been adjusted to add a Q at the end for the queer community as a whole. In some circumstances it also includes an IA to represent inter

Black Lives Matter

I can’t breathe. The three words that erupted the world into anger, frustration, and motivation to change our system. George Floyd, or better known to some as Big Floyd, was a 46 year old man who had moved to Minneapolis to find work. Born in North Carolina, but raised in Houston, Texas, George Floyd was described as a gentle giant, and the father to a beautiful 6 year old girl who still lives in Houston with her mother. Floyd was a great athlete who especially loved football and basketball, but he also had a passion for music. He made music with a hip hop group called the “Screwed Up Click”. On top of that he worked two jobs, as a truck driver and a security guard at a restaurant, always re

Staying Connected While Staying Apart

The world is a completely different place than it was two months ago. In that time, schools have closed, international travel has been banned, and social distancing has been at the forefront of all our minds. Communication and human interactions are essential parts of our lives. Obviously, the way we interact has changed massively throughout this pandemic. Some of us are at home with family, others are staying with friends, but there are members of our community who are by themselves during this time. However, thanks to social media, and social networking sites, there are multiple ways to engage with friends and family, even while at a distance. From sharing content on platforms such as Tik

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