CU at SPROSH: Ward Verschaeve

My first few days at Carleton were very overwhelming. I came from a small town of 96 people, so even Ottawa was a massive city to me, there were more people on my residence floor than my hometown! On day one of Sprosh, the Managers and the Vice President were so kind and fun people, that I almost instantly changed from the shy, small town child to the loud, audacious person I am today. By the end of the first day, I had so many new friends, and felt comfortable taking risks and exploring new places. My favorite memory is probably the managers I had during Sprosh week. Unfortunately, I am the worst person at names, so all of theirs evade me to this day, however they were some of the kindest p

CU at SPROSH: Arnold Luong

As we prepare for an amazing Sprosh week, we asked students, both former and current, to share some memories of their experience at Sprosh, as well as any advice they would have for incoming students on how to enjoy this coming week to the fullest. Arnold Luong, a former Carleton student, who graduated in 2018 with a degree in Marketing and Management, went to Sprosh each year of his undergraduate program, 5 years to be specific. Arnold has many fond memories of his first Sprosh. One that stood out, he said, was getting to go white water rafting which was an activity back in his day. However, the one favourite memory he had was the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the city, provi

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